Ag Community Alliance is a grassroots movement pulling together agriculture communities to maintain a voice in advocating for the proper placement of industrial scale agricultural processing facilities.


This group was started as a means of bringing attention to the large scale industrial winemaking and processing facilities being proposed by E & J Gallo in the heart of a rural community near Lodi, California.  Within a one-mile radius of the proposed winery there are over 277 private residences, many of which are small-scale production agriculture farmers, with parcels ranging in size from less than an acre up to 40 acre parceling.  The current small acre zoning in the area (AL-5) has fostered a community of small farmers that form the basis of our local Lodi Wine Country agriculture. 

The magnitude of the project is staggering.  As proposed in Gallo's winery Use Permit application, traffic along small County roads would be expected to increase by up to 225 trucks/day and over 500 full time employees for approximately 1/3 of the year (August 1st to November 15th), waning to a reduced, but high volume, of 45 trucks/day and 330 full time employees.  This traffic will have a major impact on the existing rural community, existing agriculture businesses, and the K-8 school located approximately one mile from the project boundary (See map links for proposed project overlays).  

Ag Community Alliance is not generally opposed to agricultural production facilities, but facilities of such magnitude are more than small rural communities can shoulder, while still maintaining their own agricultural interests and rural integrity.  A project of this magnitude needs to be located along major transportation routes, NOT in the heart of rural farming communities!

You have a voice!  We need your help to let the County know that the proposed location is not the right place for a winery of this size and that other location options need to be found.