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San Joaquin County

Community Development Dept.

Development Services Division

1810 East Hazelton Ave.

Stockton, CA 95205

Attn: Stephanie Stowers 

Phone 209 468-9653 

Email: sstowers@sjgov.org


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Stephanie Stowers

SJ Co Community Development Dept.

1810 E.Hazelton Ave.

Stockton, CA, 95206





            I am opposed to SJ Co. Application # PA1700191 in which E & J Gallo proposes to build a "large" (HUGE) winery at Dustin/Acampo Rds. 


The proposed location would severely negatively impact independent farms and existing wineries, rural residents and dwellings, scenic agritourism, and the infrastructure that surround that location for miles.

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We urge the county to deny Gallo's Liberty Winery Use Permit at the proposed Acampo location on that grounds that the nuisance of industrial volume traffic, noise, and light would be more than the hundreds of residents of the immediately surrounding rural area should have to shoulder.  Industrial mega-wineries must be appropriately located with entrances adjacent to major transportation routes allowing for the County to better provide the appropriate infrastructure in a safe and cost effective manner that does not negatively impact the adjacent uses of the region and helps to preserve Prime Farmland for cultivation purposes.