Ongoing Action Items - Choose One or do them all!


#1 Sign the Petition!   We oppose the location of the proposed Liberty Winery!  E-mail us at and we'll get you the petition (not available online). 


#2 Share project information with as many people as you can and offer them a chance to sign the petition, too. Simple quantity helps. 


#3  Call or e-mail the County to voice your concerns about the extensive impacts this project will have to the region (See sample letter).


#4 Ask the County to add your name to their notification list for the project.  That way you can be directly informed about the project.

*E-mail Stephanie Stowers:*


#5 Write Letters to the Editor.  Share your story with the community.  The greater area needs to know what impacts are being proposed on their neighbors!




Why would someone in Lodi and the greater County care to sign the Petition?  Because we are their neighbors and this project will have bigger impacts than just Acampo's backyard.  The size and magnitude of the offices, warehouses and industrial structures proposed would create an industrial 'feel' for a whole quarter of the Lodi Wine Trail and the small farm community of Acampo.  How is this a good thing for Lodi's successfully growing agri-tourism? It's not.  At this location, the project could forever limit Lodi's potential growth in this economic sector.  


At the proposed location, the size of this facility will industrialize the scenic and economically beneficial Lodi Wine Trail and negatively impact residents of the area.  In a more appropriate location, adjacent to major transportation routes or in an industrial zone, the facility would not have the same level of negative impact.  There are other sites available in the County that could allow for both the Lodi Wine region agritourism and large industrial scale agriculture to both grow and prosper without one having a negative impact on the other.    


Who has a voice for Lodi's Countryside? 

You do and so do the organizations below!  In addition to County Planning and Supervisors, let the below organizations know that this location is NOT ok for Lodi's Countryside!  There are other locations available that would preserve the beauty of the Lodi Wine Trail, preserve rural character for the residents and small farmers of the region and still allow for the magnitude of the proposed project. 


Here is contact information for some of those entities:


Lodi District Grape Growers

PO Box 2004

Lodi, CA 95241

(209) 339-8246


Farm Bureau 

Amber McDowell

San Joaquin Farm Bureau

3290 N Ad Art Rd

Stockton, CA 95215

(209) 931-4931


Lodi Wine Grape Commission

2545 West Turner Road

Lodi, CA 95242




Lodi Chamber of Commerce

35 S. School St.

Lodi, CA 95240

(209) 367-7840


Visit Lodi!

25 N. School St.

Lodi, CA 95240

(209) 365-1195



If you do give these organizations a call or e-mail, please let us know!  We need to hear whose out there supporting the cause.  Together we are stronger!